Use Technology to Get Outside for Physical Activity and Physical Education

Gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, and schools are closed.  All means of physical activity and physical education are currently cutoff, and who knows for how long.  Gym equipment at sporting goods stores is disappearing faster than toilet paper!  Stay at home parents are going nuts with having to now educate their children for the remainder of the year, much less keep them physically active and off their devices.  What is our society to do??

Believe it or not, in the not to distant past, gyms were not easily accessible for the masses.  Children rode their bikes and walked for miles everyday without thinking about it.  Yes, technology has made us soft, pudgy, and seemingly allergic to the sun.  Now it’s time to get back to basics, and leverage technology to be your friend in staying physically active for all ages.

The weather is pleasant, or soon becoming pleasant in all areas of the country.  Getting natural Vitamin D is healthy and needed in moderation for all age populations.  Companies like mine, Movement Academy, and other social networks, have low cost or free resources to keep you, older loved ones, and your kids physically active.  Cell networks allow you to have access just about anywhere for your devices.  Go into the backyard and fire up the iPad with a 20 minute HIIT workout.  Often times no heavy equipment is necessary.  Get some light dumbbells collecting dust in the closet, a gallon jug of water, maybe soup cans, and get moving!

HIIT workouts are short and to the point.  Elevate your heart rate, work on agility, increase your strength, and be done before you notice any time has passed.  Regardless of your fitness conditioning, a HIIT home workout challenges all levels because how much weight you use doesn’t matter.  It is a self-driven workout that builds BDNF-1 for new brain cell growth and contributes to 60 minutes of daily moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per the CDC.  Really, there are no wrong answers when choosing a HIIT workout because they’re all slightly different.

Coronavirus does not have to stop you from exercising.  Sure, you’re not getting the same gym workout without being in an actual gym.  With most schools teaching PE twice-per-week for 45 minutes, you have a better chance to help your kids stay active and healthy by making them do something five days-per-week.  Yes, it’s all change, and change is hard.  Humans don’t like and respond well initially to change.  The true stats are it takes over 60 days for something to become a new habit if performed daily, good or bad.

You’re more than welcome to use Movement Academy as your guide for older adults home-based exercise and home-based PE.  Use code BRAIN for our Active Aging Program, and code HOME for our PE program to get 50% off your first month.  Both are only $14.95 per month as is, far less than the cost of most gyms and more flexible to your schedule.  Technology can be used for more than online gaming and checking social networks.  Get up, get out, and keep moving!

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